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Jeni Novak. Makeup. Hair. Momager.

Jeni Novak. Makeup. Hair. Momager.

Today I continue my travels to the hizzouse of the one and only, Jeni Novak, in Santa Clarita. Jeni is the most radical human of all...a Girlboss...and a Go-Getter in the industry. She is best known for her Hair and Makeup skills in all tv and film projects. Don't get it twisted, she started as a professional dancer touring the world with Miley Cyrus. Jeni met her husband while dancing with Miley and together they have a little girl named Lola. This episode is devoted to Lola. Together, both Ryan and Jeni started their own creative agency and production company: Novak Entertainment. From there, they founded Blush Artist Management for Hair/Makeup/Styling. Jeni and I just finished working together on a show for Amazon Prime where she did my makeup for 2 days straight. We giggled the first day together when I was a cheerleader and got more serious the second day of shooting when I was zombie covered in special effects makeup!      The conversations I have with makeup artists on set and all the secret words of wisdom are insane.  The very best convos ever!  Whatever happens in those in-between camera set ups, makeup chairs and early call times...I will never understand...but I am all about it!  This interview reflects the energetic spunk behind Jeni and all the love she has for her passions AND her family.  Check it out!

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