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Getting it Together with George Lawrence II

Getting it Together with George Lawrence II

Episode 13 is here and who wants to know more about the calmest soul of them all, George Lawrence II?!  I do!!  Join me as we discuss George's admiration of Beyonce, our obsession with wearing Aviator Nation AND quoting Bridesmaids, his experience on tour dancing for Lorde and his "for these reasons...I'm out" philosophy.  George is a delight on and off the stage.  He has emerged as a leading man because of his strong work ethic, dedication to the craft and reliability in the industry.  He is a smart, funny and always sweaty leading man in my own heart.  He is the star in Andrew Winghart's "Cry Me A River" video, he has competed on So You Think You Can Dance, toured with Lorde, and worked as a commercial dancer for years.  We met dancing together in Teen Beach 2 and continue to work together year after year.  In this cute little cozy interview, George discusses how he gets it together.          

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