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Getting it Together with Dana Wilson

Getting it Together with Dana Wilson

Episode 15 is here and who wants to know more about the captivating creature that is...Dana Wilson!  I do!!  Brace yourself because she is a one of kind human.  She is wearing a turquoise onesie and gets down to business real quick!  Join me as we discuss Dana's "memorable is better than perfect" attitude towards life.  We talk all about branding ourselves in the industry, dressing for auditions, how every project takes a village, being brave enough to stand out AND she even prepares a few questions for me about the lessons I've learned from starting this podcast.  She is the clog to my stiletto.  Dana is best known in the biz for touring with Justin Timberlake and has been a part of JT’s creative team.  She was featured in La La Land and has crushed the tv and film industry for years.  She teaches all across the country and just finished working on the choreographer's team for 'In The Heights'.  She is also a dazzling member of the Seaweed Sisters.  In true unique Dana fashion...Dana discusses how she gets it together.      

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