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Alex Wong. Performer. Dancer. Influencer.

Alex Wong. Performer. Dancer. Influencer.

Today is another day on the road.  Literally.  I am on the road with Alex Wong.  This interview is coming at ya from my car!Alex has danced his way onto television screes, feature films, MasterCard commercials, scripted series and many many gigs in the industry. He was a company member in American Ballet Theatre and Miami City Ballet, a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance and has been featured on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine. He played "Oriental Oddity" in The Greatest Showman and high kicks all over New York City on Instagram.In my car, we discuss how Alex snapped his achilles tendon twice, his thoughts on being versatile in the industry, his funny social media side and how I almost got him eliminated from SYTYCD!  This interview is short and sweet because I had to drop him off at lax after our conversation!  Alex is filled with insight and hopeful tid bits!  

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