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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Aug 12 2020

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Aug 12 2020

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ken Matthews guest hosts for Rush on Wednesday. Get ready! The media is excited because Kamala Harris is historic. Children are the left’s greatest prop. Blue city stats show why people are fleeing. Biden picked Harris because of his racist and sexist history. Naval Academy midshipmen returning to school. Qualifications unimportant for Democrats. Mask orders stats throughout the states. The media hypocrisy connection. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Big Ten cancels fall football, where will the players go to kneel? God is the key foundational component to our society. Harris tries to ban Trump from Twitter but not a peep about Cardi B. When will CNN cover news? Harris pick puts multicultural, multiracial families in a bad position. The absurdity surrounding social media hypocrisy. Pennsylvania’s nursing home mandate caused 65 percent of state's COVID deaths. Kamala’s ICE perception lies. More hate hoaxes than hate crimes last year. The desperation of Pelosi calling COVID the “Trump Virus.” Mandatory mail-in ballots. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Pick one, Democrats: Identity politics or progress because you can’t have both. An entire party will look the other way on mail-in voting fraud. New York DA tries to sue NRA out of existence. Keep an eye on attempts to disarm legal gun owners. The majority of Americans are color-blind and the media reminds them of race. Is it good or bad that the kids are not in school? Kamala Harris kept a low profile to stay in VP mix. Trump has exposed self-serving Republicans. Sweden select facts.

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