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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Aug 11 2020

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Aug 11 2020

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. An imperfect leader vs. people who want to destroy the United States. Seattle defunds police including SWAT and training. Teachers trying to hide their lessons from parents. Cowardice of street thugs. Militias connected to Antifa. Trump can be a uniter. Sympathizers to the utopian fantasy. America’s abusive relationship with the left. Child-COVID stats. Stop the hate, focus on love of country. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: So much fear is being merchandised. Michelle Obama uses COVID to push leftism. There’s an America that’s been frightened to death. Wasn’t the point of Obamacare for grocery store workers to have insurance? The Lincoln Project conservatives are not the go-to anymore. Technocrats won’t give up power. Caller: We won’t let radicals destroy Salt Lake City. GOP ad makers need to keep track of Democrat hypocrisies. Pent-up enthusiasm to turn things around. Show videos of Antifa rioters to your friends. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: There’s right vs. wrong and we must stand on the side of right. Which party is siding with violence and harm? BLM Inc. not helping black lives, only their own. Before the election, you will see some surprise arrests. There’s a massive day of reckoning coming for Silicon Valley. The left’s hypocritical tyranny. We need to reeducate people on the racist lie about America. The Democrat Party Ponzi scheme. Gettysburg.

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