Greg Wyshynski, Sean McIndoe, Ryan Lambert

Puck Soup

We’re Greg Wyshynski of ESPN, Sean

We’re Greg Wyshynski of ESPN, Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe of The Athletic and Ryan Lambert of Yahoo Sports and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.

Episodes: 185


The Ultimate Draft Draft

Duration: 2 hr 1 min

Did NHL Get Restart Right?

Duration: 1 hr 56 min

The $25,000 Pierre-amid

Duration: 1 hr 48 min

No Fun League

Duration: 1 hr 27 min

Tank You Red Wings

Duration: 1 hr 39 min

2010 NHL Draft, Revisited

Duration: 1 hr 55 min

Bad Contract Court

Duration: 2 hr 2 min

ProStars, Assemble!

Duration: 1 hr 37 min

Neutral Site Games, David Carle

Duration: 1 hr 53 min

Rocky Sucks

Duration: 1 hr 29 min

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