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Episode 9: Dark Side Of The Podcast: The Final Days Of Owen Hart

Episode 9: Dark Side Of The Podcast: The Final Days Of Owen Hart

Join Conrad Thompson as he visits with the driving force behind VICE TV's "Dark Side of the Ring," Producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener to discuss Episode Nine: The Final Days Of Owen Hart. Evan and Jason share behind the scenes stories and insight into meeting with the Hart family for the first time, learning more details about the circumstances surrounding Owen's death, and the impact the Owen Hart Foundation is making on the world today. If you haven't already seen the episode be sure to look on iTunes, Amazon, and the VICE app in the coming days. It may also be wise to subscribe to the VICE YouTube channel as they have posted episode one already. Enjoy that episode on YouTube for free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkUsAztC4Xc And be sure to tune into VICE Tuesdays at 10PM Eastern to see the remainder of the season. VICE is Channel 271 on DirecTV and Channel 121 on Dish Network. Next week's episode features Brawl for All and has perhaps the word that best describes the episode is "insanity." You don't want to miss it! Join the conversation on social media using #DarkSideOfTheRing and follow the show on Twitter @DarkSideOfRing and Instagram @DarkSideOfTheRing You can find the guests today on Twitter @evanhusney and @jasoneisener

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