Matt Marr and Jake Anthony

90 DAY FIANCÉ-Before the 90 Days Ep 5 "Our Lips Are Sealed"

90 DAY FIANCÉ-Before the 90 Days Ep 5 "Our Lips Are Sealed"

Lisa has never been in the record business...clearly. Poodle was right about Big Ed. And Stephanie and Erica are just too fucking cute. You asked. We caved. WANT EXTRA CONTENT-Subscribe to our Patreon! For a Bonus Episode or for our Watch-A-Long Video! TO LEAVE A REVIEW ON ITUNES FOR 90DAY GAYS CLICK HERE!!!!! We recap the WHOLE 90 DAY FIANCÉ UNIVERSE. So come drink the kool-aid, kids. Find all our podcasts on our podcast network, SISSY THAT TALK. Y'ALL--COME AT US ON CAMEO! Book Jake or Matt! We will read you, sing to you, or tell you if your BF has BDF. Get a mug, shirt, pillow at our MERCH STORE! Wanna talk with your Sissy Squad? Join our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Find us on the Socials: 90DayGays onTwitter & 90DayGays on Instagram Find Mattie! Instagram: @theMattMarr Twitter: @theMattMarr  Find Jake! Twitter: @jakeitorfakeit Instagram: @jakeitorfakeit   Listen to our Sabrina podcast, called Bitchcraft. Netflix has us living for this show! Bitchcraft: The Sabrina Recap Show Listen to our recap show of Riverdale…yes it’s RIVERMALES! Listen to Mattie’s other ADVICE podcast, THE DEAR MATTIE SHOW!  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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